When Should You Visit an Optometrist?

It’s a universal fact that having eye exams regularly is essential. In fact, it’s recommended for adults to undergo an eye examination at least once every 2 years. While other eye doctors would encourage that you should come to visit more frequently. If you’re still skeptical whether you have to make an exam schedule with your optometrist, then check out the signs listed below that you need to do it ASAP:

Dry and Itchy eyes

Prolonged screen use and periodic allergies could make your eyes itchy and dry. But it may also mean that you have dry eyes. Dry eye is a severe condition that can be controlled using different non-invasive at-home and in-office treatments. Book for an eye exam today with your eye doctor and verify whether you have a dry eye.

Having blurry vision or problem focusing

Problems focusing or sudden blurry visions maybe some of the indicators of a more serious health problem. If you can relate to this, you need to reserve for an urgent eye exam with a reputable eye doctor immediately. if you only have one eye with a blurry vision, or when it comes and goes, you have to contact your optometrist right away for an eye exam.

When your vision has been getting blurrier even more as time passes by, then perhaps you don’t have to panic because it could mean that your eyes are changing and that your eye prescription has altered. Nevertheless, it would still be a wise idea if you book an appointment with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

Eye Pain

Mild and rare eye pain typically happens. However, when you’re experiencing pain in your eyes that’s either happening or extreme, you must schedule for a booking with your trusted eye doctor Galleria right away. Sometimes, pain could mean that your eye got infected, or it can also be an indicator that you have a more serious health condition.

Eye Infection

Once you have red, swollen, or itchy eyelids or the whites of your eyes become discolored pink, that could be caused by an eye infection. If your eyes are infected, you can also see some discharge. However, even if they do not, that does not indicate that your pink-colored eye is not infected. If you think that you’ve acquired an eye infection, contact your optometrist as soon as you can.

Light sensitivity

If your eyes are sensitive to light, it could be due to a more serious issue and is a typical sign of several eye infections, diseases, and disorders. If this happens to you, then booking an appointment with your optometrist is a must.

Eye Fatigue

Most people nowadays are spending most of their time fixing their gaze at screens. As a result, eye fatigue happens. Flu and periodical allergies can also make your eyes feel tired. Although, it can also be a sign of a more serious issue. When you follow the 20/20/20 rule and your eyes are still tired most of the time, then consider that as a sign that you need your eyes to be checked.

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